About Us

Şehir Işıkları is an Outdoor Channel Marketing company that is active since 1996. Şehir Işıkları provides service at many important regions of Turkey as one of the key players of this sector.

Şehir Işıkları makes high-quality advertising channel investments in international standards to the areas that it rents from local administrations and commercial businesses. And while making these investments, it attaches great care to the selection of best products that will fulfill the needs of the age and follow the latest developments in technology. These products that add value to the architecture of Turkey's beautiful cities are selected meticulously by Şehir Işıkları. Moreover, the company personally carries out the maintenance, care and cleaning operations of the advertising channels thanks to its trained and equipped field teams.

Şehir Işıkları positions the advertising channels after carefully selecting the best places for an effective communication between the advertisers and the target groups, and thus maximizes the effect of the delivered messages. Şehir Işıkları that has the infrastructure and team required to support all needs of advertisers embraces the principle of optimizing customer satisfaction.

Şehir Işıkları, which currently provides service in the Outdoor Advertising sector with its total of 14,414 channels in 43 cities of Turkey, continues to grow with its new investments and business partners.

Şehir Işıkları began to use LED technology actively in the Outdoor Advertising sector in 2010, and to provide LED screen communication service to advertisers in a total of 157 spots in 40 cities of Anatolia under its brand named CityLED.

And in 2014, it began to offer unparalleled communication channels to the advertisers with the digital and static advertising channels that it established in shopping centers under its brand named avmecra. This service helps reaching target groups in a total of 990 spots in 17 shopping centers of 9 cities.

The company owes its success to its stakeholders, business partners and its mentality to provide high-quality, competitive, innovative and sustainable service.